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COC - Celebration of Craft


Conservation and restoration of historical monuments is growing in importance both in the conventional domains of restoration and in relevant layers of society, namely the local political bodies which, daily, have to decide about the future of fragments of our built heritage. Theaching institutions also try to adapt to increasing demands for more accurate formal professional curricula. Wordl Heritage Site managers, who have to deal with complex heritage issues, are asking for appropriate, safer and better tools to accomplish that task.

Self employed craftsmen and those employed by companies and organizations oerating in the heritag field are professionally interested and genuinely motivated for an increase in the quality of craftsmanship. However, the lack of uality control effects the professional development of craftsmen in a highly competitive arena. This scenario is especially intriguing if one bears in mind that craftsmanship has a world-wide tradition - learning systems and knowledge wich are trasmitted hand to hand through generations. Alone, no teaching institution can cover all aspects of this vast field of architectural heritage and crafts education.

The Celebration of Craft project is designed to address these issues and provide a new platform for discussion through the creation, development and dissemination of three major products that can supplement recognized activity in the field of architectural heritage projects (PQS), certification for on-the-job training for heritage craftsmen and instructors, and finally a specific teaching/learning handbook.

Celebration of Craft is based on elements of AHAC (Leonardo, 1996) and has behind it the political support of the Municipality of Roros, Norway (World Heritage Site). The project will impact differently on all the described taret groups and is intended to inspire a new spirit where dialogue and reflection become an immaterial tool - once very active in the tradition of craftsmanship.

The Celebration of Craft Consortium is comprised of 6 nations and 8 partner organizations from the countries of Norway., Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Italy and Greece. We invite you to support us by showing interest in the celebration of Craft project.



  • Roros Municipality - Roros (Norvegia)


  • European Commission, DG for Education and Culture


  • The Norwegian Institute for Adult Education - Trondheim (Norvegia)
  • National Heritage Board - Tallinn (Estonia)
  • Tallinn Construction School - Tallinn (Estonia)
  • Latsu School of Architecture and Environment - Lapinlathi (Finlandia)
  • Epicentre - Syros (Grecia)
  • Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo - Lurano (Italia)
  • Vilnius Old Town Renewal Agency - Vilnius (Lituania) 


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