A.H.A.C. - Architectural Heritage and Crafts. A conservation programme for craftsmen

Architectural Heritage and Crafts
A Conservation programme for craftsmen



The project promoted by Teknologisk Institutt of Oslo has developed “Professional and Pedagogical Guidelines” for the definition of professional parameters and the respective training paths for craftspersons involved in architectural restoration work sites.


  • Teknologisk Institutt Oslo (Norvegia)


  • European Commission, Directorate-General for Education and Culture


  • Teknologisk Institutt di Oslo (Norvegia)
  • Academy of Cultural Hritage (Norvegia)
  • AEL Centre for Technical Training (Finlandia)
  • Blakstad Secondary School (Norvegia)
  • Centre for Research and Education Development CRED, Gwent Tertiary School /Regno Unito)
  • EPICENTRE Training Education Centre (Grecia)
  • European Centre for Conservation Restoration and Renovation ECCRR (Belgio)
  • European Environmental Research Consultores (Spagna)
  • German Centre for Craft and the Preservation of Historical Monuments ZHD (Germania)
  • INATEL National Workerr’s Leisure Institute (Portogallo)
  • Institute for Maintenance Engineering IFIN (Germania)
  • Lom Secondary school (Norvegia)
  • National Training Centre for Traditional Building Techniques (Norvegia)
  • Norwegian Heritage (Norvegia)
  • Oulu Institute of Craft and Disegn OKTO (Finlandia)
  • The Federation of Norwegian Craft Enterprises (Norvegia)
  • The Robert Gordon University (Masonry Conservation Research Group) (Regno Unito)
  • ZEUS European Economic Interest Group (Grecia)
  • Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo (Italia)
  • Fraena Secondary School (Norvegia)
  • Valetta Rehabilitation Project (Malta) 


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