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The sad news of the death of Giuseppe Basile is unfortunately arrived.
During the last twenty years, many projects have been prepared and implemented in conjunction with Pippo Basile, an honorary member of Giovanni Secco Suardo Association.
His expertise, his tenacity, and his concreteness allowed to realize ideas that might seem, to most people, totally theoretical.
In remembering, it is with pleasure that
we publish the funeral speech delivered by Enzo Bilardello during the funeral, which was held in Rome on August 1, 2013 at the Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere.





1st december 2011, at 11,30 am, at Sala della Passione, Pinacoteca di Brera, 28 Brera street

press conference

to present the opening of Restorers and Restorations in Museums tour in four important museum in Milan. The tour is dedicated to the conservation history of four important works of art.



  • Sandrina Bandiera - Soprintendente per i Beni Artistici e Storici di Milano e Direttore della Pinacoteca di Brera
  • Lanfranco Secco Suardo - Presidente dell’Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo
  • Andrea Rebaglio - Fondazione Cariplo
  • Mariolina Olivari - Soprintendenza per i Beni Artistici e Storici di Milano
  • Laura Basso - Conservatore Museo d’Arte Antica e Pinacoteca del Castello Sforzesco
  • Maria Fratelli - Conservatore Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Milano
  • Paolo Biscottini - Direttore del Museo Diocesano


A short video about the project Restorers and Restorations in Museums will be shown during speeches. The video and further contents at the website

Small reception for all participants

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