Bodies and methodology

Coordination and management of the project

The general coordination and management of the project concerned the Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo, who is responsible also for the realization of the project, and must guarantee:

* to provide continuity and increasement of the project ;
* to carry on relationship with and among the different partecipating/supporting organizations;
* the overall operative coordination of activities in constant connection with the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro and according the guide lines of the Steering Committee;
* the organization of the meetings of Steering Committee, to reporting and briefing about all activities in progress, presenting partial and final results, raccogliendo le specifiche osservazioni;
* constant information and relationship among the different internal organisms;
* constant communication among several experts of Tecnical-Scientific Group, Editorial Committee, Research and Archivistic Working Groups and the planning and organization of meetings and training courses;
* the planning and organization of meeting and events in order to promote and spread the project;
* administration and economic control of various activities.

The Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo (as Conserving Organization) further guarantee the conservation and valorization of the archives and of all documents collected inside the National Historical Archive of the Italian Restorers, and deposited in its base, with the specific task to detect the logististical and organizational solutions, the most suitable, to conserve and use properly all material.
The Associazione provides consultation activity thanks to qualified staff and guarantee right to privacy, when intented.
The Associazione takes care about the fund-raising, both in public and private field, in order to ensure the conditions necessary for continuity of the project.

Tecnical-Scientific Group

It is composed by researchers and experts with humanistic and techical-scientific skills (art historians, archivist, experts of Data Banks and of Informatics Systems ). Is task is to develop the guide-lines proposed by the Steering Committee.
Through the activities of the person responsible of the module RES.I (Matteo Panzeri) and of the module AR.CO. and FONTI (Sergio Del Bello) it has the task of developping the guide lines indicated by the Steering Committee, related to:

* the logical architecture and the software development of the data base;
* the integration and the interoperability issues between the different modules of the project and towards homologus web resources;
* the alignment with the archival cataloguing existing standards;
* the construction and management of the communication interface in the web.

The Technical Scientific Group is in constant contact with the other organism of the project.

Editorial Committee

As anticipated by the Steering Committee, an Editorial Committee, inside the Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo, has been instituted.

The tasks of the Editorial Committee are:

* coordination, assistence and advisory service to the Research Groups and to the Archivist Work Groups;
* formal and quality control of the respect of the standard of the data;
* editing and updating of the operating guide;
* coordination of the works, to help the exchange of information and to avoid overlapping between the activities of the researchers-fillers;
* to answer promptly to researchers-fillers questions and problems.

The Editorial Committee is in contact with the Technical Scientific Group and with the Steering Committee, to whom he present the ended phases of the works. It can avail of collaboration and consulting of experts in specific fields.


Research Groups and Archivistic Working Groups

The Research Groups composed by skilled worker, develop the research activity, data gathering and informatic cataloguing, often with ends of experimentation in the various methodologies of work and of test and check of the informatic instruments. Starting from last years developped a net of poles of university research that work with the Services and others institutions and local conservation bodies, in order to extend the researches to all the national territory.
Every Research Group is constituted by a Coordinator that sees to the reports with the Associazione and with the scientific responsables and by various Operators Cataloguers, that gather data and do the cataloguing. They avail of the coordination, the methodologies, the instruments and the assistance put right by the project and by the Associazione Secco Suardo.

The Archivist Working Groups composed by skilled workers (archivists, with art historical knowledge), they are responsible of all the activities of archive and informatics inventory of the archives conserved in the Archivio Storico dei Restauratori. They also do investigation on documents about conservator-restorers and about conservation-restoration interventions conserved in public archives.


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