ASRI – Historical Archive and Data Bank of Italian Restorers

project, Historical Archive and Data Bank of  Italian Restorers, arises from the awareness of the importance preserving, cataloguing and disseminate precious sources and manuscripts about restoration, restorers and their events of conservation-restoration, not only because of a interest in specific fields but even to gain and hoard a lot of information so deep linked to our artistic heritage and to the conservation of this heritage up to nowadays.

The knowledge of the past (conservation history) of a work of art is, at the same time, its future: it allows those who makes every effort to its artistic protection, to reconstruct the anamnesis and to "operate"  with more critical consciousness, during an event of conservation-restoration. The historical material on conservatio-restoration is sure to be a basic moment - even if often neglected - both of research and of historical-artistic critic (that can't prescind aside from the changes happened on the work of art during centuries). This moment must be based, mainly during planning stage and decision-making process, on a deep and reliable knowledge of the interventions already undergone by the work of art till that period.

ASRI  carry out the difficult but fundamental task of collect and maintain the archives of Italian restorers to bring them back to a new life through study and research that are able to connect them organically with works of art. The
protection, conservation and restoration of "works of art" hold a great importance for the purpose of enhancement of cultural heritage indeed and so It requires a continuous elaboration of methodologies and techniques relating to conservation, but also in particular, of researches and analysis that could be able to reconstruct the historical and preservation events of each works of art.


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