Integrated local development

in seven Municipalities in the Tyro province, southern Lebanon

2009 - 2011 


In the project “Integrated local development in 7 municipalities in the TyroProvince, southern Lebanon” the Association Giovanni Secco Suardo is responsible, as project partner, for some specific activities concerning the conservation of the local historico-architectural heritage and for the training of officials and technicians. In particular:
- all the historical buildings still existing in the seven towns will be filed, historically analysed and evaluated as for their preservation and a computer data base will be realised with the cooperation of Prof. Hassan Badawi of the Lebanese University of Beirut.
- a brochure in Arabic addressed to the local government of the communities will be published in order help them knowing the historical and architectural heritage and all the techniques and materials which are necessary for their conservation.
- a bilingual historical-scientific volume with relieves and bibliography will be published. This will prove the activities realised and will help study and evaluate the preservation of the buildings comprised in the area.
- a school site that teaches the techniques of the requalification of the cultural heritage will be set up.
- Institutional Building turned/addressed to the local municipalities representatives concerning the preservation, conservation and improvement of the historico-architectural heritage, its strategies and planning.
Project coordinator

RC - Ricerca e Cooperazione (Rome - Italy)



ODPS - Organization de Developpement pour la Paix Sociale (Lebanon)

Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo (Lurano - Italy)



MAE - Ministero Affari Esteri, Direzione Generale Cooperazione allo Sviluppo (Italy)

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