Cultural Heritage

Capacity Building and Activation of Pilot Initiatives for the Valorisation
of the Cultural Heritage

2007 - 2010

This initiative is the realization of a comprehensive set of capacity building and institutional support actions aiming at enhancing the effectiveness and the efficiency of the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board (GMMB) which is the institution that has the mandate to protect, conserve, and manage the Material Cultural Heritage of Ghana. The project, which has duration of three years, intends to increase the capacity of the GMMB to enhance Ghana’s Cultural Heritage, also as an opportunity and a tool for Global Development, particularly in relation to the local communities.
With such purpose, the Project experimentally focuses on specific activities carried out by the GMMB which are related to the Coastal Castles and Forts built by the Europeans in Ghana. In this context the project will implement capacity building and institutional support actions in favour of the Staff of the GMMB at the national (Greater Accra) and regional levels (Central and Western).
The initiative implements and integrates training, institutional support, concrete experimentation, promotion of income generating activities, to be implemented by the GMMB and by the involved communities. The project will facilitate the designing and implementation of projects elaborated by the GMMB which are based on the methodology adopted by the intervention, in order to organically interconnect the conservation and management of the Cultural Heritage to the processes of Development at local level.
Objective of the project is to enhance qualitative and quantitative capacity (particularly the methodological competences) of the GMMB as far as the protection, conservation and enhancement of Ghana’s material cultural assets with a focus on Castles and Forts. Moreover the project intends to promote the active participation of the local population in the process of protection, conservation and valorisation of such material and immaterial cultural assets at where Castles and Forts are located.


Project Coordinator
RC - Ricerca e Cooperazione (Rome - Italy)


Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo (Lurano - Italy)
Ghana Museums and Monuments Board (Accra - Ghana)


MAE - Ministero italiano degli Affari Esteri (Italy)

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