The National Historical Archive of Italian Restorers (ASRI), today the only project of national importance, is a project concerning the history of restoration in Italy.

Founded in 1995 ASRI has seen the participation, as a promoter and supporter, of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism, through the Central Institute of Restoration, alongside the association that manages and coordinates the various activities.

ASRI has involved in these over twenty-five years of activity more than ninety , researchers and students from various universities of the country, museums and a very large number of public archives, through research and cataloging campaigns, of which twenty-four are projects of research of national interest supported by the Ministry of University and Research.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, the project deals with the needs of saving, collecting, preserving and using important documentary materials at risk of dispersion, acquiring private archives of Italian restorers and also it promotes a constant activity of studies and research on the history of restoration throughout the national territory. The results of these study activities are entered in the RES.I. data-base which then allows cross research on the conservative histories , on techniques, on materials, on the stories of the conservator-restorers.

Scientific Committee

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