Restoration and tradition in the roofs: the Church of Santa Maria in Bressanoro,

Castelleone (Cr), 2012-2014

The results of the project “Innovation and tradition for the planned conservation of the roofs of historic buildings”, completed in 2010-2011, have confirmed that the problem of maintenance is of the utmost urgency and strategic importance for the preservation of historical and architectural heritage.

This project has initiated this methodology on a specific historical building, the church of Santa Maria in Bressanoro, Castelleone (CR), through the creation of a Maintenance Plan and the execution of the maintenance resorted to the practice of its roofs, which have been preserved, at least in the form and main elements, since the time of construction and constitute an important case of the roof of the Renaissance.

Participant Institutions
Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo
Parrocchia SS. Filippo e Giacomo

Fondazione Cariplo