Innovation and tradition for the planned conservation of the roofs of historic buildings (restored and not restored)
Lurano, 2010-2011

The project focused on the importance – already declared in numerous national and international contexts – a constant routine maintenance of buildings (public and private) and activities such as ensuring the prolongation in time, a state of conservation optimum of the monument without having to resort to costly and invasive interventions of restoration.

Specifically it is launched – ‘using’ a particular building (Lurano Castle) – this activity ‘virtuous’ through the creation of a Maintenance Plan, the application of the fundamental practices of routine maintenance on the part of the building, by definition, is identified among the first and most important, in an ideal hierarchical order of importance: the roofs.

Point of innovation of the project has been the study the creation and dissemination of a proven methodology and sustainable for routine maintenance of the roofs.

Participant Institutions
Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo
Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Architettura e Pianificazione

Fondazione Cariplo