Integrated local development in seven Municipalities in the Tyre province, southern Lebanon

In the project “Integrated local development in seven municipalities in the Tyre Province, southern Lebanon” the Association Giovanni Secco Suardo has been responsible for specific activities concerning the conservation of the local historic-architectural heritage and for the training of officials and technicians. In particular:

  • all the historical buildings still existing in the seven towns have been catalogued, historically analysed and evaluated in their state of preservation, and a computer database, both in English and Arabic, has been realised with the cooperation of the Lebanese University of Beirut;
  • a bilingual historical-scientific volume with graphic surveys and a full bibliography has been published;

a practical school that teaches the restoration of the cultural heritage has been established, along with activities of institutional building addressed to the representatives from local municipalities, concerning the preservation, conservation and improvement of the historic-architectural heritage, its strategies and planning.

Ricerca e Cooperazione – Roma

Donors and Participant Institutions:
Direzione Generale alla Cooperazione e allo Sviluppo – Ministero Affari Esteri,
Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo,
ODPS – Organization de Developement pour la Paix Sociale (Lebanon)