European project – 2000-2001

Today the memory of the conservation-restoration of the cultural heritage is mainly passed on by books and documents. This approach rules out a fundamental dimension which is represented by the personal experience, the store of memories and feelings and the personality of the performer, the restorer, the chemist or the history of art expert.

The Project aimed at the collection, safeguard and spread of the experiences of some of the most important European figures in the conservation-restoration field, those who experienced the main evolution steps of their profession and can be therefore regarded as the living memory of this discipline.
The Project conducted twenty filmed interviews with some of the most interesting restorers and restoration historians who were already active in the post-Second World War period. The intention was for them to recall those important years and comment on them in the light of their professional and institutional vicissitudes.

The Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo conducted the interviews with the Italian, Belgian and French restorers with the collaboration of Theo-Antoine Hermanes, Yves Robert, Gian Giuseppe Simeone, Ségolène Bergeon Langle e Philippe D’Hugues , while the Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste Dresden (in the person of Ulrich Schiessl) conducted those with the German ones. The interviews, recorded during a two days meeting held with every personage and saved to digital format, are available to be consulted by experts and students at each Partner’s Seat

Conservator-restorers and Conservation-restoration historians interviewed:

Pinin Brambilla Barcilon (Italia)
Paolo Cadorin (Italia)
Gianluigi Colalucci (Italia)
Laura Mora (Italia)
Raffaella Rossi Manaresi (Italia)
Giorgio Torraca (Italia)
Maud Chocqueel (Francia)
Gilberte Emile-Mâle (Francia)
Francoise Flieder (Francia)
Jacques Joyerot (Francia)
Renée Lichtig (Francia)
Agnes Ballestrem (Belgio)
Pierrick De Henau (Belgio)
Nicole Goetghebeur (Belgio)
Paul Philippot (Belgio)
Rolf E. Straub (Germania)
Roland Moeller (Germania)
Hermann Kühn (Germania)
Joachim Haag (Germania)
Mechthild Flury Lemberg (Germania)

CERR – Centro Europeo di Ricerca sulla Conservazione e sul Restauro, Comune di Siena
Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo

Participant Institutions
Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo
CERR – Centro Europeo di Ricerca sulla Conservazione e sul Restauro, Comune di Siena
Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique (Belgio)
Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste Dresden (Germania)
Ecole Nationale du Patrimoine – Institut de Formation des Restaurateurs d’Oeuvres d’Art (Francia)

Commissione Europea DGX