Zanzibar built heritage job creation

The project is the creation of training courses in the restoration of the cultural heritage of Stone Town, with the aim to form skilled workers in the field of cultural heritage conservation. The courses are organized at different levels of specialization and provide theoretical lessons, practical activities and school-yards during which will be carried out restoration work on buildings and works of art of significant importance.

The courses are aimed at young students, skilled craftsmen, architects, building owners, historians and officials of technical departments. The project also realized a diagnostic laboratory for material analysis within the Karume College and a database for cataloging of local cultural heritage, with the aim of collecting information to draw up contingency plans and monitoring of the state of conservation of historic buildings.

Promoter: Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo

Donors and Participant Institutions: European Union, Fondazione ACRA-CCS (Italia), Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo (Italia), Stone Town Heritage Society (Zanzibar), Unione Europea